Accent Lighting

Lighting is one of those fun affordable ways to easily change the look of an entire room. Take these simple suggestions to light up your home in style.

Call me a "Peeping Tom" if you'd like, but I enjoy looking into people's windows as I drive through my neighborhood. It feels so neighborly to have curtains open and windows on to light up your home. Lighting is critical to the mood and look of any home. There are three basic types of lighting:

1. General lighting is used to flood a space with light.

2. Task lighting is a concentrated source of light to perform a particular task like reading, sewing, or used in an application like the oven to see if your cookies are done yet.

3. Accent lighting "accents" area's of your home - in particular areas you'd like to highlight.

Accent lighting is my favorite type of lighting because you can do so many cute things with accent lighting, and it is purely aesthetic. I have a few little personal obsessions about lighting. After the sun goes down I can’t help but walk through my house room by room and turn on my little accent lights.  I know no one will be going into my little girls’ room or my master bedroom till later that night but I turn on the little bedside lights so when I go into them it feels like a model home.  It makes me feel good.  In the living room I turn on my drum light above my dining table and flip on the above cabinet lighting in the kitchen.  It gives your home a different feel when you use accent lighting. Colors can change and feel more comfortable.  

When looking at the lighting in your home consider placing little can lights behind trees or run rope lights up along your cabinets.  Be sure you have filters on the tops of your lamps so you don’t get the ugly spider looking shadows on the ceiling.  One idea I love is personalizing lights. If you take a simple drum light and wrap it with your favorite fabric you have a totally new look. I have seen some homemade shades that can be changed out for different seasons.  Take a strip of fabric and wrap it around the drum.  Use Velcro to secure the ends together. Add decorative buttons along the seam or add a little fabric flower.  When you get tired of looking at that one unvelcro and replace with another shade cover. Be creative with your light just be careful not to get too crafty. You never know when your neighbors might be peering into your windows!

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