Furniture Market 2010

If you've been through Las Vegas in the last 5 years you've surely noticed the World Market Center's huge buildings on the side of the freeway just north of the strip. This month we made our annual trip to the show that displays new product and trends in interior design.

It is always fun to see the new furniture in over 5 MILLION SQUARE FEET! It's big! We've been going since the Las Vegas market started. The first year there were so many women in high heals and fancy clothing. I understand wanting to look nice, but the shoe thing is outrageous - after walking hour after hour day after day it seems that most of them have begun dressing a little smarter. Now 5+ years running I saw very few high heels. I wore little slipper shoes to brave the 36 floors and still ended up with blisters.

We came across some really cool new ideas for our design center and I can't wait for all the new orders to arrive. There were a couple of trends that stood out this year. The first was the use of decorative paint on walls and furniture. For example a light colored wall might be covered with a red silhouette of a tree standing 8 feet tall. Or a support column might be painted yellow with light yellow stripes. It was also present on furniture peices. One chest of drawers was green with a white damask pattern painted over the tops of all the drawers. These artistic touches would be really easy for anyone to do even if they weren't "naturally" artistic enough to do it free hand. What a dramatic feature for any room and if in the end you don't like the finished product, no problem - it's just paint!

Major color this year (beyond just turquoise) was yellow not just in accents but in large pieces as well. Who knows, maybe next years color of the year will be Dijon Mustard - we'll have to see I guess.

Manon Seethaler - Designer

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