Increasing Your Visual Space

If your living environment feels enclosed, you may want to make some changes that will visually increase your space.

Although knocking out a wall may seem to be the most logical solution, there are some more creative approaches that would cause a lot less damage, and possibly less money.

A basic change would be the paint color. Evaluate the color tones used and see if they can be lightened without going to a stark white. Always keep in mind that the darker the color tone, the smaller an area will appear. Dark tones have this same effect on other objects such as furniture. If at all possible keep the walls on the lighter side, and use dark tones on the furniture.

Another factor to check is the amount of light used. Is there any natural light coming in? If you have window openings, use them to your advantage. Open the blinds, push back the curtains, or if the window treatments are big and bulky consider replacing them. Heavy window treatments may overpower a small space. If natural light is not an option, find some lamps to brighten things up.

Also, keep in mind that mirrors are miracle workers in small spaces. They give the appearance of an opening without an opening actually existing. Have you ever walked into a room where a mirror covered an entire wall and at first glance you thought the room was twice the size it really was? It may not be necessary to cover a whole wall with a mirror, but hanging a mirror may be all you need to open up an area.

Last would be the use of lines in a room. Horizontal lines will make things appear short and long, whereas vertical lines will make things look narrow and tall. So if you want your room to seem longer, use wall hangings that lay horizontally and find a sofa that has a short back.

With these tips in mind, apply what you think your space may need, and good luck!

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