Leather Protection

Purchasing a leather piece of furniture can be a large investment that most consumers would like to have last forever.

Unfortunately, due to little mishaps, and even neglect, its lifetime can often be cut short. However, if properly maintained from the beginning of its life, leather furniture can last both aesthetically and physically longer than almost any other piece.

For any type of furniture proper maintenance is very important. Leather is unlike your typical upholstery because it is an animal product. It needs to be cleaned with a protecting conditioner made specifically for leather, applied with a clean cloth. This will keep the leather safe from lipstick stains, ink, jean, newspaper transfers, and will make it so the leather is less likely to tear.

Reapplication of leather conditioner is also very beneficial to your product, especially in dry climates. In a dry climate, leather protection should be applied every three to six months. In more humid areas every nine to twelve months would be more appropriate.

As a final tip, always remember to never use soap or water on leather. The water will dry it out, and the soap will get locked into the hide's pours causing the leather to be a magnet for dirt. Your leather will also be more susceptible to cracking - so just don't do it!

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