Micro Fiber

Micro Fiber is very popular today in furniture but few know what it actually is and why it is just now being used.

In the 90's chemists experimented with existing fibers to try and improve them. At the time polyester was hot, sticky and did not allow for moisture to escape. Polyester did have some great properties such as color fastness, resilience, durability, and was also stain and wrinkle resistant. However the fiber itself was very smooth and bulky. Chemists were able to stretch the fiber out, making it very thin (hence the name micro-fiber) and more textured. This new fabric was now breathable, soft, light weight, and the old, good properties were still in tact. In doing this, they made the new fiber look and feel more like a natural fiber. Many people at first glace will mistake if for leather suede, but unlike suede, it is great for families with children (or messy husbands).

Micro Fiber is very simple to clean. Usually just some simple soap and water will do the trick. If you use any cleaning agents just be sure that it is water based and does not include bleach. Just wet a wash cloth, lather some soap into the cloth, and work the soap around in a circular motion until the stain comes out. Then rinse your cloth and repeat with just water to remove the soap. The area may seem darker at first but just let it dry and it should return to its natural color.

Micro Fiber can be a plush fabric, like people are use to seeing it, or can be woven into a texture. The plush is a cut pile and is very soft but with this plush feel comes a nap, which means if you one rub the fabric one way it may look a deferent color than if you rub it another. This nap drives some people crazy. So in that case the textured micro fibers would be a good option.

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