The Rooftops at 7800, by Solstice Homes

Have you ever toured a decorated model home and wished you could move in just the way it was?

I’ve been visiting some of the Parade homes this year and was invited to visit the new Solstice homes near Gardner Village. Chris Ensign, the builder, won a ton of awards from the Home Builder’s Association including:

  • Best Interior Design
  • Best Architecture/Home Design
  • Best in Category

The decorated models were all beautiful, but the one that caught my attention the most was decorated by Stacy Wright with the help of ( They have a very unique concept of how to help people achieve a designer look. The way I understood it is, their model home sort of works like a wedding registry. You can take a scanner with you when you visit the model and scan tags on almost everything in the model. You then get information on how to get each of the items you see making it easy to duplicate the same beautiful look in the model. Oftentimes people fall in love with the feeling they get from the model, but they are never able to duplicate the same look again in their home. This cool concept allows you to do just that.

The model was “comfortable” modern. It can be tricky to combine a modern style while still maintaining a comfortable living space. Stacy meshed a rich modern style with complimentary natural finishes, giving the home a comfortable ambiance. She carried the style perfectly throughout the house. With a ton of modern and traditional finish options available from the builder, the models I visited had high ceilings, beautiful windows, water and fire features. Stacy’s model included natural wallpaper, corked walls, faux fur combined with clean lines, flashy lighting, and elegant furnishings. Stacy and did a great job. I’d highly recommend you get out and see the Solstice homes near Gardner Village.

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