What Makes Envy Different

At Envy we have trained designers on hand. Not only do these designers have a knack at making things look good, but they have a degree in Interior Design, which gives them a better understanding of space, style, textiles, architecture, color, light, and much, much more.

Just recently, as I was standing in Envy's showroom, a man came in and asked what make's Envy different from other furniture dealers. I was a bit surprised by this bold question, because I feel everything about our store screams different. I immediately led him over to a display near our main entrance. This display is what we at Envy like to call a Home Plan. We are able to offer our Home Plan service due to the professional training of our staff.

As this skeptical customer and I were looking at the Home Plan display, I pointed out that because Envy uses designers we are able go beyond just selling furniture: we show our clients how they can best utilize their furniture before a purchase is ever made. As a finished product, a Home Plan will show the clients furniture plan rendered and arranged. This will also show a color selection, which will have been selected with the clients help. There will also be a perspective drawing that shows the client what their space can look like from a 3D point of view. The goal of every designer is to help the client visualize the possibilities of their space.

Before the man left the showroom we were able to briefly discuss what may be possible in his own home. As a designer I was able to sketch out a few ideas for him, which got him wanting more information about his own space. I let him know that I would be willing to visit his home to get photos and dimensions, but he declined for the time being.

This man left our store without purchasing anything, but with intent to come back. For me, our time together was a success. The goal at Envy isn't to sell as much as we can as fast as we can, but to educate, and gain confidence from each person who comes though our door. This is what we believe is the best way for a client to obtain an excitement about improving their space while also gaining the assurance that we can help them achieve their goals.

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