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You won’t find more personalized customer service while shopping for furniture than at Envy. Manon and her team go above and beyond to help you discover your style, work within your budget, and create living spaces that not only suit your family needs, but have unique touches you can’t find elsewhere. The Envy team is accessible, creative, and so much fun to work with. ~ Cherell
We are so happy with what Manon was able to accomplish in our home in such a short time. Our house now feels like a home and we owe it all to Manon. She really was able to tap into what we would feel comfortable with even when we really couldn’t explain what we wanted. This has been a fun and rewarding experience for our entire family and Manon was completely helpful and professional. We now have a family room that we are proud of. Now I just can’t wait for her to come back and do my bedroom and basement family room! ~ Colsen Family
It took us one call from North Carolina to Manon at Envy Home Furnishings to get the ball rolling on decorating our son's apartment. Manon and her team were excellent in keeping us involved with up to date pictures, emails, phone calls, etc and accomplished in two weeks what would have taken us forever to do. Manon took care of even the smallest details such as soap in the soap dish! We are all delighted with Envy's attention to detail and ability to deliver on time and would highly recommend them. ~ David Paradise
We were thrilled to finally find a designer who immediately recognized our needs, style, likes and dislikes. Manon hit the mark on every room she designed! This has been a fun process for the entire family. Manon focused on each child and their room. She designed the room around their interests and personalities and involved the kids in each step – they were thrilled with the finished product. We can’t say enough about this process. It has been very positive and we strongly recommend Manon and Envy Furniture. We are now looking forward to the basement project! ~ Evensen Family
My husband and I really wanted to redo our bedroom. We had gone around to a lot of different furniture stores and searched online but we could not find anything. Then my husband found Manon’s website and started the process. By the time the bedroom was done we were so happy with how it turned out, it really made our bedroom a room that we both enjoy being in. So when we decided to redo our living room and family room the first call that we made was to Manon. When people come over now they love what we have done with the house, without the help from Manon it would not have looked the same. ~ Harris Family
I would like to thank you for the great job you did designing my family room. My husband and I are very pleased with the results. We get compliments every time someone sees the room for the first time. Even people who would never dream of painting a wall orange have said it is stunning. ~ Holly
Manon was very professional, artistic, and innovative throughout the process of redoing our den. She listened to our requirements/requests/insights and gave us two proposals to choose from that reflected our thinking but with her creativity that we lacked. As a stereotypical male with no fashion sense, her creativity and ability to help me with the process, along with my wife, made the entire renovation very pleasurable and exciting. ~ Ken & Leslie
Envy was one of three companies that did model units for us. Envy was the only company that did work for us that did not have to make adjustments to the design and costs of the project. I didn’t need to worry if you were coming as promised as I did with the other companies, you were there as promised. It may seem like a little thing but sticking to schedule and doing what you say will do when you have committed to do it, is very important. It did not go unnoticed with us. We really appreciate the work that was done. Envy is at the top of the list with us! ~ The Bridges at Citi Front
I can't say enough about the job Manon did at our house. She understood our vision then made it happen. Manon used her extraordinary drawing abilities to illustrate what the rooms would look like. I was not only happy to be able to see it but amazed by how defined and clear the designs were. I have worked with many competent designers yet none of them could capture the vision on paper. How cool it is to get a real life picture of your plans before committing to anything. The most common phrase we hear from those that visit our home is "This house should be on "MTV CRIBS." ~ Washington Family
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